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Monday, December 26, 2005

The Day After

No pictures yet... I haven't been good enough, so I'm still taking pictures with my 35mn... In just few days, I'll have the film developed, pics burned on a CD, etc... So it's coming... Maybe Santa is going to be late this year for few things... Like the packages from France for example... Yes, I'm still waiting for these.... I can't imagine what the foie gras is going to look like after days in the customs area....

My first Christmas was great, even with the sadness of being so far from the French family...

Christmas Eve was at my second American family... Not my parents in law, but a family so precious and genuine that they are another proof (if we still needed one) that it's possible to find a family of love, even when it's not a family of blood or links.... If they read this, they'll know... Well, they invited us to spend our first Christmas Eve together in America with them. And it was great ! They have a beautiful house, the decoration of the house was sumptuous, the "ambiance" was very happy, everybody was as nice as it can, the food was delicious, and this evening was full of love... There were 11 of us. We had a white elephant gift party after the meal, and very nice gifts have been exchanged. After that, we even received other presents ! Santa Claus was really in town that night... Lucky us, we were also the last ones to leave... At 1:30, when everybody left around 10, 10:30 (working on Christmas day sucks....). We had such a precious time... Great conversations, special moments, and special memories... Sure I was really sad not to be in the Nest, with all the other Birds, but our family of heart did everything to give us a marvelous time... We are thankful for that..

And they loved the Buche de Noel cooked by my Mister, as well as the truffles !!!!... So we need the pictures of the Buche too, as I promised it to Estelle... Basically, we used a bit of Pascale recipe, mixed it with other recipes found here and there (no chesnuts though.... I don't like chesnuts at all... ), and the result was a blast !!! Really... White chocolate genoise, mocha whipped cream filling, chocolate-mocha butter cream with a little bit of Kahlua.... Something to brag about !!!!!.... Especially because it was a First for us !!!

It was a great great Christmas Eve... Also very special as it was our first one as Misses and Mister.... Well, you know....

I've been drinking a little bit too much for Christmas Eve, so I had a hard time to get up on Sunday morning (bad, bad.... As we say in France " la barre"). The Mister told me that we were supposed to be at his parent's around 12:30, that we would leave home around 11:30..... Fine ! Let's do that ! The detail is : when we arrived, everybody had eaten already... We were actually expected to be there at 11:30.... I should have known better..... American eating habits are different than ours, even more for the timing... (yes, to me too, 11 is more time for a late breakfast than a lunch). And it really sucks to be so late for Christmas... Especially when my mother in law had made lots of things to please me... Yep, just for me.... We had some kind of loose relationships her and I in the past, that's why.... But they also made my first American Christmas a very good one...

So, even if I miss terribly the french family, children and grown-ups, I had a very good Christmas Eve, and a very good Christmas, que demande le peuple ?


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