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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Vachement interessant

Parfois, quand je me plains de la platitude de ce monde et de la débilité profonde de certains, il me suffit d’un instant pour retrouver espoir…

Cintas seeks your vote for Best Restroom
By John CurranAssociated Press
ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. - Call it the Toilet Bowl.
A bathroom supply company sponsoring an online poll aimed at finding America's best bathroom has narrowed the field to five sparkling-clean, sweet-smelling potties.
A Michigan bistro, a Rhode Island seafood house, a New Jersey casino, an Illinois airport and an Ohio restaurant are the finalists in the contest, which will name a winner in April based on the number each receives in admittedly nonscientific online voting.
"It's a big compliment, surprisingly," said contest organizer Jessica Bensten. "People get really excited."
Sponsored by Cincinnati-based Cintas Corp., manufacturer of Sanis restroom supplies, the America's Best Restroom contest was started in 2001 to spotlight businesses that maintain "exceptional hygiene, with style" in their potties. Nominations can be made by anyone, and about 30 are received annually, she said.
Organizers do research about the businesses but don't actually try out the chosen throne rooms before selecting five for the online poll. "We have nominations from all over the place. It would be too hard," said Bensten.
The nominees, in turn, put their best foot forward - assuming it doesn't have toilet paper stuck on the bottom - by submitting photos of their restrooms and information about the business, which are then posted on the contest's Web site along with photographs so people can vote.
To vote, go to the Web site: http://www.bestrestroom.com/.
This year's fab five:
All Seasons Bistro, in East Lansing, Mich., which was cited for its streak-free mirrors, old-world floor tiles and fresh paint job. "This is one of a few public restrooms I would allow myself, my wife and children to use and not worry about it," the nominator said.
Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, in Atlantic City, whose restrooms - with their stainless steel sinks, choice of hand towels or dryers and warm wood tones - "spare no expense."
Hemenways, of Providence, R.I., a landmark waterfront restaurant whose restrooms are clean and have "simple elegance and charm."
Quad City International Airport, in Moline, Ill., which has facilities that are "clean, simple, pleasant and exactly what you want in an airport washroom."
Wendell's Restaurant, in Westerville, Ohio, whose sports-themed restrooms are "praised for being neat, clean and having lots of towels and even mouthwash."
"I've changed my menu 25 times in six years, but I don't get nominated for that, I get nominated for the restroom," joked Mike Joseph, owner of All Seasons Bistro. "But I'm flattered to the max."
Joseph, who calls his wife "the queen of clean," has his staff check on each restroom three times a night to make sure all's clean. "Have you ever been to a place with a dirty bathroom? What does it say about the kitchen?"
Michael Facenda, a spokesman for Borgata, said the hotel-casino designs its public restrooms to be "stylish and upscale." "That decor provides an element of surprise for our guests in an area that is traditionally spartan."
The winner, to be announced in April, gets a plaque for the business and a place in the "America's Best Restroom Hall of Fame."


  • At Thu Mar 02, 05:10:00 PM , Anonymous philippe said...

    it will be the best restroom IN THE WORLD!

  • At Thu Mar 02, 07:05:00 PM , Anonymous miss lulu said...

    huhuh, les américains n'ont peur de rien, c'est pour ça que je les aime parfois :) (et surtout pour leurs toilettes propres!!)

  • At Thu Mar 02, 07:27:00 PM , Anonymous callipyge said...

    toilettes propres... ET avec des trucs pour pouvoir accrocher nos manteaux et sacs à main!

  • At Fri Mar 03, 04:52:00 AM , Blogger Sammy said...

    I have a few nomonees for 'worst restroom' on my mind, after my recent trip to Houston and San Antonio.


  • At Fri Mar 03, 08:50:00 AM , Blogger Elisabeth said...

    As an individual with a slight phobia of public restrooms (remember, I hail from the French generation that had to deal with dubious-looking "toilettes a la turque"!), I am very pleased, indeed, that this is taking place.

    One question: What is the "trophy" going to be? A little golden toilet? Cute, very cute.

  • At Fri Mar 03, 09:36:00 AM , Anonymous Jerome said...

    The best restrooms ever (at least for guys...) are at Bill Pickles, State College, PA :

  • At Fri Mar 03, 02:41:00 PM , Anonymous le dauphin said...


    hello chere dorothee
    lis cette histoire, c'est effarant

  • At Fri Mar 03, 04:09:00 PM , Blogger paris2texas said...

    N'empeche, meme si c'est assez ridicule comme concours, ca pourrait donner des idees a la France...

    et l'article d'Embruns est tres choquant.....


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